Driving Alone After Passing Your Test

Congratulations, you’ve passed your driving test! You’ve got your licence, insured your car and you’re ready to put your foot to the pedal and take to the roads – this time on your own.

Driving on your own can be very nerve wracking, certainly for the first couple of weeks. It’s a big step going from catching a bus and walking, or asking your mam for a lift, to driving anywhere you want to go. You’re becoming more independent and it’s going to be an exciting process. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous.

Driving Alone After Passing Your Test

In fact, a recent survey indicated, two-thirds of motorists aged under 25 say they lack confidence when driving. But confidence comes with time. If the nerves are really getting to you, here are a few things you can do to help.

1. Display ‘N’ plates

They show other road users you’re new on the road and most people will give you a bit more time and consideration.

2. Ignore your phone

Making a phone call will make you four times more likely to crash, while texting is an overwhelming twenty-three times more likely to cause a crash. These terrifying results show how taking your mind and eyes off the road for just a split second to use your mobile phone can destroy everything forever.

3. Déjà Vu

You may wish to keep to roads you’re familiar with and have some degree of knowledge until you gain more confidence. Some new drivers find driving somewhere they’ve never been before more challenging at first.

4. Don’t panic

If you get lost, don't panic. Wait until you find a convenient stopping place then use your maps to find out where you are, and how to get back to where you wish to go. If you are really lost, ask a guard or traffic warden. The important thing to do is stay calm.

5. Music

Some first time drivers play soothing music to help focus and relax, although not too loud as it can be distracting and prevent you from hearing sirens on emergency vehicles.

6. Practice makes perfect

It might take some time before you start feeling completely at ease, but the best thing to do is get out there and practice. Perhaps go out with an experienced driver like a parent or guardian. BoxyMo gives you a driving score that enables you to see your good and bad driving habits and where you need to improve, and rewards you for better driving!

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