Get ready, keep it steady, be careful and play!

So you think you’re good at driving? Fancy yourself a bit of a piston head? Then you know that unlike video games, getting points for speeding and reckless driving is not a good thing and there’s nothing cool about a crash. Ireland’s first dedicated telematics insurer, has launched a new online safe driving game targeted at Ireland’s younger drivers. The new safe driving game will put your skills to the test!

The thrilling game features 13 tongue-in-cheek characters, such as Ed Steerin, Kelly Cardashian and Justin Beeper familiar to some as the stars of the new BoxyMo commercial.

Get ready, keep it steady, be careful and play!

Players are challenged to drive BoxyMo on a virtual road for as long as possible with one point being awarded for every second of driving. With six levels of difficulty, play changes frequently through real-life driving scenarios such as weather and hazardous objects. If players don’t successfully combat the obstacles, they are knocked out. The safest, most skilled drivers will place on a nationwide leaderboard hosted on Facebook, in hopes of winning prizes such as meal vouchers, cinema tickets and tech goodies.

The game is playable on mobile, tablet and desktop and will service as a vehicle to educate young drivers on road safety.

Can you pass first time? Play Boxymo Game

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