Motorists saving €35 every month as fuel prices drop

Some motorists are now saving up to €35 on diesel and petrol per month, as fuel prices continue to drop.

Motorists saving €35 every month

The average price of a month's supply of petrol is now €197.40. This is €31.95 cheaper on average in comparison to last year's monthly fuel bill.

Drivers of diesel cars are also enjoying significant savings at the pumps. The average price of a month's supply is currently €186.45, a saving of €34.95 in comparison to January 2014.

This is the sixth consecutive month that fuel prices have dropped.

These figures are from the latest national fuel price survey carried out by the AA, based upon a car which does an average of 12,000 miles per year using a monthly average of 150 litres.

The average price of a litre of petrol currently stands at 131.6 cent, and has dropped by 10.8 cent since December.

Diesel has also dropped 9.7 cent since last month, and the average price of a litre is 124.3 cent.

In July 2014, the average price of a litre of petrol was almost 26 cent more expensive than it is now.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at BoxyMo commented "Consumers pay very close attention to petrol prices. A move up or down of just a few cents can have a psychological effect, inspiring people to tighten up or loosen up, depending. In this case, the price drop is large, and prices are expected to stay low through the first half of the year."

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