New RTE TV series reveals how just two drinks affects our driving

A new RTE1 TV series examining Irish driving habits is coming soon to the small screen.

Sponsored by, ‘How’s Your Driving?’ will put a cross section of Irish motorists through their paces on a controlled test track where the show will replicate the main causes of Irish road accidents.

Driving Alone After Passing Your Test

Kevin Geoghegan Moore (22) from Dublin on How's Your Driving, RTE One

Under real road conditions, drivers experience how factors like alcohol and drugs, speeding, using a mobile phone and unsafe tyres affect their driving abilities.

Drivers will see firsthand what it’s like to try and send a text or make a call as they navigate the road and see how speed affects their ability to emergency break or avoid hazards.

Comedian Simon Delaney presents the four part series, which kicks off on RTE One on Monday 12th February at 8.30pm, where Kevin, 22, and 18-year-old Jack will find out how drinking just two pints and (simulated) drugs can inhibit a person’s driving ability.

Comedian Simon Delaney presents the four part series

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