Study Finds That First-Borns Are Truly Awful Drivers

When it comes to siblings there always seems to be one who feels some kind of resentment towards the other.

If you're the second-born, you’re probably used to hearing about the plethora of studies often claiming the first-born is cleverer and funnier along with a host of other describe personality traits as well as being generally better at a lot of things.

Study Finds That First-Borns Are Truly Awful Drivers

New research may be about to change this perception and give younger siblings an edge on the eldest child, at least with one thing. A recent study looked at the driving habits of 1,395, motorists and found that first-borns are actually awful drivers. The study concluded that the oldest offspring are most likely to be fined for speeding, have accidents or use their mobile while driving. The youngest children tend to be at the other end of the scale, being the safest drivers.

The study looked at the driving habits of 1,395 motorists, concluding that a huge percentage of older brothers and sisters are more likely to develop bad habits.

89% of older siblings are likely to speed, 35% of those have been slapped with fines, 47% will cut off fellow drivers, and 46% are likely to hog the middle of the road.

The biggest surprise though came from only children, who despite the stereotype, were found to be the least likely to cruise in the middle of the road or outside lane (31%), or cut someone up for driving (36%).

30% of first born children admitted to using their mobile phone at the while 17% admitted to applying make-up, all at a much higher rate than their siblings meaning first-borns have been in more collisions.

The sibling positioning also had an effect when it came to running red or amber traffic lights, 81% of eldest brothers or sisters the most likely to take a risk on an amber, while around 27% blatantly go through a red light.

Interestingly, excuses given for poor road etiquette also varied amongst sibling ranks. More than 28% of middle and youngest children are most likely to lay the blame on their drivers annoying them, with 18% of eldest children claiming they would only behave badly if they had a good excuse, such as being late.

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