Tips to Lower Car Insurance for New Drivers

As all young drivers know, car insurance is pricey. This is because new drivers are, by definition, inexperienced and therefore more likely to get into a scrape. But as a basic level of car insurance is compulsory, going without is not an option.

Historically, boys are worse than girls but EU equality legislation put a stop to gender-specific policies meaning both male and female motorists now pay the same.

So what can young drivers do to get cheaper car insurance and keep those spiralling costs to a minimum?

Tips to Lower Car Insurance for New Drivers

Keep Your Car Safe and Secure

Better in-car security and parking in a safe place could reduce your insurance premiums. Having an alarm, immobiliser or tracker professionally fitted, using steering or handbrake locks, or parking your car in the driveway or garage overnight, are all ways to cut insurance costs.

Less Power equals Cheaper Cover

A powerful car in the hands of an inexperienced driver is a potentially dangerous mix – hence the expensive car insurance. That’s why it makes sense for your first car to be a modest set of wheels with a small engine. It will be cheaper to insure, easier to handle, and could be less thirsty on the fuel.

Avoid Modifications

Cars that have been ‘modified’ by after-market performance or style enhancements. You know the sort we mean – once-normal cars that are now tricked out with fat exhaust pipes, flashy wheels, huge fairings and spoilers etc. Basically, if you want cheaper insurance, avoid modified cars.

Up the Voluntary Excess

Voluntary excess is what you agree to pay in the event of a car insurance claim, on top of the compulsory excess. Raising the excess will reduce your premiums, but it does mean you will have to pay more of the costs if you have to make a claim.

Use to get Cheaper Car Insurance

If there is one thing we've learned about insuring young drivers it's that one size definitely does not fit all. With BoxyMo we'll help you get the right Fully Comprehensive Telematic Car Insurance at the right price.

Other benefits include:

  • Theft tracking device to help find your car if it's stolen
  • Accident alert to help keep you safe after an accident
  • Dedicated Irish claims line available 24/7
  • Courtesy car while your car is being repaired by our approved repairer

Finally, always give honest information when applying for car insurance.

When you buy car insurance, you are entering a contract based on trust between you and the insurance provider. Therefore, always give honest answers and disclose all relevant information when completing the car insurance application form. It may be tempting to bend the truth a little just to get cheaper car insurance, but doing so could have serious consequences.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at BoxyMo commented "Our young driver car insurance offers you a great rate to keep your costs down."

See How Much You Could Really Save!

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