If you have "Reward Kilometres" or "Top-Up Kilometres" left when your policy is due to renew these are carried forward into the next year. However, if you have "Policy Kilometres" left, these are lost and not carried forward. There is no financial exchange for lost kilometres.

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"Policy Kilometres" are the number of Kilometres upon which your annual premium is based.

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When you purchase a BoxyMo policy you choose how many "Policy Kilometres" you require for the year. Throughout the policy term, you have the potential to earn “Reward Kilometres” based on your driving behaviours and the annual number of policy kilometres selected.

If you require more Kilometres than the total of your "Policy Kilometres" and "Reward Kilometres", you can purchase "Top-Up Kilometres" in bundles of 400, 800 and 1500. You can see the cost per kilometre on MyBoxyMo.

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There are three different types of kilometres, "Policy Kilometres", "Top-Up Kilometres" and "Reward Kilometres". You use your Policy Kilometres first, followed by ”Top Up” Kilometres and ”Reward” Kilometres. Policy Kilometres are the only ones that may not be rolled over to next year’s renewal. After renewal, any rollover kilometres from the previous year are used first, before your new Policy Kilometres.

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"Reward" Kilometres* are additional kilometres you can earn for safe driving. If you drive responsibly you could earn "Reward" Kilometres each month. Prove that you are a safe driver and allow us to treat you as an individual. Although you may start earning "Reward" Kilometres immediately, you will not be able to see them on MyBoxyMo for the first 3 months after the start of your policy. During this time we will be collecting information from the Telematics boxes of all our customers to ensure that we deliver to you a system which accurately and fairly rewards your driving behaviour.

*Limits and restrictions may apply dependant on the annual policy kilometres.

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BoxyMo collects information about how you are driving your car. We then use this data to score your driving and your driving score determines how many ”Reward” Kilometres* you will be allocated. The better you drive the more ”Reward” Kilometres you can earn ”Reward” Kilometres also help us work out how much you pay when you renew.

*Limits and restrictions may apply dependant on the annual policy kilometres.

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"Top Up" Kilometres are additional kilometres you can buy if you run out of "Policy Kilometres" and "Reward" Kilometres.

"Top Up" Kilometres are available 3 months after your policy begins in bundles of 400, 800, 1,500. The cost of "Top Up" Kilometres depends on the price of your policy, your annual kilometre allowance and your driving score (calculations may be subject to change if we make any improvements to our telematics technology). Each time you top up your annual kilometre allowance will increase, meaning the cost may change from one top up to the next.

You can view the current cost of topping up online via the “Top-Up” section of MyBoxyMo. If you need to top up, simply complete the form online or contact us by telephone on 0818427000.

Any remaining top-up kilometres can be rolled over when you renew, although they can't be refunded if you do not renew.

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