Tips For Passing Your Driving Test

1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Even if your 12 compulsory hours of driving instruction are completed, there is no harm in booking a few more lessons to up your confidence. Along with additional professional lessons, why not arrange regular time with your parents or any other experienced driver you know?

Tips For Passing Your Driving Test

2. Stick to what you know.

You should practice driving in the car you plan to do your test in. And, just like you can’t play a match with a broken hurley, you can’t do your test in a dangerous car. Be sure your car of choice has a good NCT so that when it comes to test day, it will be road legal. Maybe give it a wash beforehand too, to really impress the test instructor.

3. Record your progress.

Learning to drive is a different experience for everyone. Some of us are great at reversing and others are great at parallel parking. Be aware of your weaknesses and work on them. Mark your progress so you can notice if you’re improving day by day. Don’t think the test instructor won’t catch you – trust us, they will!

4. Refresh on theory.

Yes, we know, you’re going to college and you’ll spend the next four years of your life with your head in the books, but the test instructor isn’t just interested in your driving. They want to see that you know your theory inside-out and you can be trusted to keep Irish roads safe. Why not start a Friday night Driver Theory Test table quiz? It might turn out to be a bit of craic.

5. Safety isn’t over-rated.

Irish roads can be a dangerous place, especially for new drivers. Although driving is a fun activity, it’s important to appreciate that real dangers exist on Irish roads. Test your hand at avoiding these dangers by playing the new Game.

6. Know the area.

If you’ve booked your test in your local town, you should be sweet because you know the area. Still, it’s worth going into the housing estates and business parks around, just in-case the instructor throws in a curve ball.

7. Ask for help.

Call on that experienced driver you know for one (hopefully) one last time the day before your test. Ask them to do a mock test with you, quietly judging everything exactly as an instructor would. Take their advice on board and you should be sweet.

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